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Tashika Bailey | About Me


Hello, and welcome to my blog. My name is Tashika Bailey and I live London. I have a creative mind and I love to express myself through my creativity, including fashion and beauty. I love art, wearing red lipstick and trying out new nail art designs and techniques on my nails.

I love designing, physically and digitally, even better because I love technology, websites and coding. In the year 2015, I designed my first blog design using Adobe Photoshop  (which is this one) and I also brought it to life by developing it using HTML, Jquery and CSS codes. I am enticed and fascinated to learn more skills professionally. Let's see what the future has in stores.

Age: 18 (Oct. 7th)
Skin type: Oily/blemish prone/acne
Natural hair color: Dark Brown
Favorite accessory: A statement necklace
Favorite color to wear: Black, Blue, White and Grey
Current piercings: 1st, 2nd and 3rd on both earlobe, double helix on my right ear and my belly.

As I refer to myself as "petite", you might want to know my measurements to compare when it comes to the items and brands I feature on my blog. Below are my current measurements and body type information.
My Measurements:
Height: 5'1"
Bust: 30" (34B)
Waist: 25"

Hip: 35"
Thigh 18"
Inseam: 28"
Outseam: 35"
Arm length: 28"
Dress: UK 6
Trousers: UK 6
Shoe: UK 3 - 4 US 5 - 6
My Body Type:
Short-waisted: proportionally longer legs compared to my torso.
Small framed, somewhere between an hourglass and pear shape.


I was inspired to start blogging as whenever I go out I always get friends, family and even strangers complimenting my style, fashion sense, makeup and quite frankly my "weirdness." Along with the compliments I am frequently asked where I buy certain items I wear and at times, I can't remember which is disappointing for those who want to know.

My blog will showcase my passion for fashion and beauty, from hauls and outfits to wishlists and my current favorites. I feel that there will be a lot in store, so make sure you subscribe to my blog and follow me on all my social networks to keep up to date, share the journey with me.

Thank you for reading my blog and showing interest in the things I say by leaving your lovely comments and sharing my blog. I appreciate it and I appreciate you. I hope I've managed to help at least a few of you when making decisions to purchase an item or just general life situations.

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