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Monday, 4 September 2017


It's been over a year now since I wrote and published an article on this blog and boy let me tell you, I've missed it so so much. I don't know why time moves so fast. It seems like just a minute ago I was writing my personal statement while sitting in limbo waiting for my A-Level results, stressed out looking for university houses in a completely new city and now I've completely finished my first year of University.

Apart from Uni, so much has happened in my life between summer 2016 till now summer 2017, from modeling for my first photo-shoot, living in a completely new city, placing my first order with Colourpop, passing my theory test to attending Lizzie Loves meet and greet. There have been so many eventful moments in my life within that time and in this article, I'm going to throw it back for y'all so you can get an insight of what your girls been up to during her "accidental blogging break."

First of all, University was a huge part of the reason why I stopped blogging last year. I started at The University of Brighton in October 2016 and the past 3 months leading up to the point where I actually had to be present at Uni was spent searching for accommodation in Brighton with my heavily pregnant mother. We spent months looking for accommodation until I lost all hope and felt like I'd have to commute all the way from South East London to Brighton every day to study. Long story short, I ended up living in a completely new city, no not Brighton, Eastbourne! I know I hadn't heard of it either but the houses there are huge and hella cheap. I still wish I did a room/house tour on my youtube channel but I didn't.
When it came to the work and lectures at uni, I was so surprised. I remember every Uni grad I met saying "first year was a breeze I partied every day", "I didn't start doing work until third year", "first year doesn't count towards your degree" etc. The last statement is actually true, the first year of uni doesn't actually count towards your degree in terms of grade, of course, you still have the knowledge in your head but think of it as a chance to test the waters. I was thinking, if it doesn't count towards the actual degree, first year should be FREE for everyone, in order to enable those who are unsure whether they want to go Uni to get a taste of Uni life, the course etc to aid their decision.
(A Picture of Brighton Beach)
December 16th, 2016, my family welcomed my baby brother, Demari, into the world. He is the cutest thing ever. This was a huge change for our family as we hadn't had a baby in our house for 15 years, but he's such an angel and I love looking after him. I've been learning so much about motherhood just by looking after him for the couple months that I have been.
This year I attended my first ever YouTube event which was Lizzie Loves meet and greet. Despite going alone and ending up being hella late I still managed to vlog it, aren't I amazing? Make sure you check out the vlog cus it's amazing and I was twerking like I had no care in the world.
I don't usually attend these social events as I'm quite the introvert and paying money makes it even worst. Nevertheless, I had to because it's Lizzie Loves. The day I found her channel I fell in love with her personality, beauty as well as her unique, authentic and high-quality content. If you've never come across her channel before, then you need to stop what you're doing right now and go check her out!! Lizzie Loves. I'm going to do a more in-depth article soon including more pictures and how I felt the event went, so keep an eye out for it.

Earlier this year, around May I passed my theory test, first-time whoop!! Although I had been studying inconsistently for about a year. I finally decided to start taking it seriously by studying consistently and doing practice tests. I used the Driving Test Success DVD to practice the majority of the test questions as well as the hazard clips. I then got the Official DVLA Theory Test Kit App from a friend just a week or two before my test. The app costs £4.99 and includes the theoretical part of the test i.e.: the questions as well as a few hazard clips. The app really helped me especially to work on my accuracy when it came to the hazard clips, I would highly recommend buying it if you're studying for your test. You won't regret it I promise. Get the DVLA App from Itunes here and the Google Play Store herego ahead and purchase it.

A few months ago, I placed my first order with Colourpop! Yes, Colourpop! They ship internationally now all the way from LA. I ordered around $74 worth of makeup and then I felt as if I didn't have enough so your girl had to place a second order but don't worry that one was only $30. If you live in America then ordering Colourpop must be a breeze, you guys are privileged and I bet y'all take it for granted! When the UK found out that Colourpop was shipping here, I bet they back flipped and twerked a little, then the customs fee slapped them across the face like a b*tch that it is. I ended up paying around £40 in customs for both orders, which I wasn't happy about but that's the price I pay for ordering all the way from America. Either way, it's way cheaper than booking a flight and I'd say it's totally worth it.

The header image in this article shows my makeup progressing from the day I started my YouTube channel, July 2016, to this year July 2017. The image on the left is my first youtube video which was my "everyday natural makeup." Now looking back on it, I am happy that I have learned so much about makeup over the year and that my makeup looks 110x better if I must say so myself. Last year, I couldn't even apply eyeshadow if it wasn't one shade ideally black and I didn't call it "smokey eye!" Now I'm out here cutting my crease, using the brightest color, and drawing wings! I'm not a huge fan of drawing a black line across my eyelids but I can't lie, it does bring the whole look together. I'm planning to create even more creative fun looks like this one in the future. If you're interested in seeing how I created the look in the image on the right, which is my most recent makeup look "Vibrant Summer Makeup" then just click the link to watch it.

I also need to let you guys know that I've left University. Yes, I'm no longer a University student. It just wasn't for me, I knew it from the start and I still tried but my mind didn't change. Right now, I'm planning to either do an apprenticeship or simply get a job. I'll have a video out on my channel soon explaining everything. Nevertheless, it won't be stopping me from blogging, which I missed so much along with creating content for my youtube channel. Make sure you subscribe because trust me, y'all won't want to miss out on my unique quality content coming soon. I'm back and I'm here to stay!

I know this has been the longest post I've written especially with very little graphics but I just wanted to have a little chit chat catch up with you guys before I get back into the swing of things.
On that note, I'm going to leave it there. I missed blogging so much as I really enjoy sitting in my room on my laptop, in my own world writing articles. If y'all have an suggestions for me at all just let me know, I'm also here to listen. Also, what do y'all think of my new blog design? In the meantime check out some of my previous articles:

Thanks for reading love

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