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Sunday, 12 June 2016


Tashika Bailey | Finished College! Now What?
On Wednesday 8th June 2016, I completed my last exam and officially finished College. It feels like only yesterday my friend and I were ecstatically celebrating the fact that we were about to start college. But boy, how time flies. These past two years went by so quickly and believe me when I say they were filled with many highs and lows.
Now my college life is officially over and I guess the question is, what is the next step in Tashika's life?

As an eighteen-year-old student who has just completed their A-Levels, society expects your next step to be, of course "university," what else? It's just the conventional next step.
If I'm 100% completely honest with you, going to university was never my first "next step" choice after college. I strongly believe that it's not for everyone and I'm one of those that it's not for. Especially due to the fact that what I want to do in life doesn't require university at all. It requires natural creativity and skills. This means there are many different better options (apart from uni) to learn what I need to know in order to implement my career plan.
However, that doesn't mean that I'm going to completely abandon university as an option. I am willing to give it a try and see how it goes for me if I were to go. I have applied for university just like the majority of students and in August, I shall see whether or not it is my path to take.

What's happening with OfficialTashika.com? Recently whilst studying for my exams the consistency of my blog articles decreased dramatically. Now that my exams are out the way, I am planning to improve my blogging life by publishing articles more frequently and incorporating a schedule into my blog to help myself become more organised and consistent.

If you read my previous article Who is Tashika Bailey? Interesting Facts About Me, you'll already know that apart from blogging about fashion and beauty, I love art. I love creativity. I love design. I love technology. I especially LOVE websites and coding. At college, I studied Art, Graphic Designs, Media Studies and ICT, which all seem to interlink and are all creative in one way or another. I enjoy digital design and I discovered my love for website design and development whilst designing and developing this blog myself. It is only at an amateur level at the moment as it was my first attempt at web designing and developing. I also designed my own logo, banner, business cards etc. I am planning to develop my skills from a basic to an advanced professional level in order to become a graphic designer, website designer and website developer. As my skills advance in digital design, I am planning to design and sell both custom and predesigned blog and website designs, along with brand identity products such as logos, social media icons, headers, fonts, business cards, posters etc.

Oh yeah! Did I mention that I've been contemplating for YEARS now whether or not I should start a YouTube channel? It has been something that I've always wanted to do, even before I started blogging and now that I've been blogging for over a year, it only seems right. Especially after studying media and learning how to edit videos using Final Cut Pro! I've been encouraged repeatedly by friends and associates to start but the only major thing that I worry about is consistency, which is the distinction between a successful and unsuccessful channel. Can you believe that I spent £750+ of my hard earned money on a Macbook Air (yes the one you see in the image above) just so I could get Final Cut Pro? I'm definitely starting my YouTube Channel.

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