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Saturday, 14 May 2016


Tashika Bailey | LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss Review
I haven't published an article in a while due to the fact that it is currently exam season and I am currently in my last year of college "trying to focus on my education." I made the decision to prioritise my education so I can completely concentrate, which unfortunately meant blogging less.
Yesterday, I finally finished my 15 hours, yes! 15 hours graphic design and communication exam and no it's not my last. My last exam is June 8th, but that is way too long for me to be missing from what I love to do the most, which is blogging. As the result of my obsession for blogging, I couldn't help myself but write an article for you lovelies so today, I decided to write an LA Girl matte lipstick review. Continue reading to find out my thoughts and pros and cons of these matte glosses.

Tashika Bailey | LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss Review
Tashika Bailey | LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss ReviewProduct Description/Direction:
Provide rich, intense colour in a flat finish for all day wear. The long-wearing formula goes on as a high pigmented liquid and dries to a flat matte finish. Leaving lips coloured in gorgeous velvety perfection that last and lasts.

Out of all 16 shades, I only have two which are "rebel" and "obsess." Rebel is a deep purple shade and obsess is a bright red shade. Comparing these two glosses, I prefer rebel as it suits my complexion a lot better contrary to the bright red. Also, my lips are full which means bright coloured lip products tend to draw attention and emphasise them making them appear excessively big and plumped. I prefer wearing bright colours like obsess with a darker coloured lip liner so that my lips don't appear too big.
Although these lip glosses are extremely hard to remove! I do believe that the amazing long lasting formula, the creamy texture and the vibrancy of the colour is totally worth it.

  • Extremely long lasting. These lipstick are true to its description they're extremely long lasting and were made to wear all day.
  • Rich, vibrant and pigmentated colour. The colours are vibrant and intense as you can tell from the swatches.
  • Smooth and thin. The liquid itself is extremely smooth and quite thin to build up the colour I like to apply a minimum of two layers.
  • The packaging. I love the way the packaging is designed in a simple but clever way. It's mostly clear which allows you to see the actual shade of the gloss through the package rather than a picture of the colour.
  • The applicator is tall and perfect for full lips. I have full lips so its perfect for me if you have smaller lips you might end up overdrawing your lips by accident because of the size of the applicator.
  • The application is smooth and accurate. The shape and size of the applicator allow you to apply the gloss smoothly. It is easy to line the lips sharply and accurately with the tip of the applicator and fill them in smoothly with the base of  the applicator.
  • There are plenty of shades to choose from. 16 to be precise and although I've only tried two, I can tell that all the colours are very vibrant.
  • Not dry. Now just because these are matte lipsticks that does not mean they should be dry. These lipglosses dry to a matte velvety finish which isn't at all dry nor do they look crusty on the lips.
  • Affordable price. I got my lipglosses from my local cosmetic store for only £3.99, which of course is a bargain. The prices of these glosses are overall affordable and you can get them from eBay and Amazon for only a couple pounds.
  • Difficult to remove. These lipglosses are true to their description, in terms of it being long-wearing, they're so long wearing that it is extremely difficult to remove. I tried using water to remove it after a long day and found that water doesn't remove it. I tried rubbing it off with a tissue and it just didn't want to come off. In the end, I removed it using soap which is something I don't like to use on my lips because my lips are extremely sensitive. Micellar water or coconut oil would probably remove it. I tried using coconut oil and it definitely thins it out and removes most of it but it leaves your lips stained. I wish they made something to make the removal process easier and quicker.
  • It's sticky. After the lip gloss dries, it becomes a little sticky when I press my lips together. This can end up stripping the gloss and making it look patchy on the lips, which doesn't look good. I did comment this on the LA Girl Instagram page and they recommended that I should try setting it with translucent powder  to solve the stickiness. I don't currently own translucent powder so I haven't tested this theory but I assume it works.
  • There are Transferable. The colour of these lip glosses will transfer onto material and objects and will possibly stain them. This problem can be solved by setting it with translucent powder. Again I haven't  tried this but I assume it works.

Would I buy it again?
I would definitely buy these lipsticks again. The colours are so rich, pigmented and my favourite pro, they're EXTREMELY long lasting, so there's no need for me to continuously top up throughout the day.

Buy these products: "Rebel" and "Obsess"

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