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Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Tashika Bailey | Luxurious Lush Bubble Bars
I remember the first time I walked into a LUSH store. I was greeted with a multitude of the utmost sweet, divine, delightful, luscious, luxurious, heavenly aroma that had me wondering why I didn't discover this store earlier on in life. I later discovered that LUSH is a 100% vegetarian cosmetics company. All their products are handmade from organic ingredients such as fruits, honey, milk etc. and most of their product including bath bombs, massage bars and solid shampoo bars are displayed in stores without packaging and can be purchased without packaging if one desires.

Isn't that the most eco-friendly idea ever? A company that actually bothers to think about the environment enough to create unique products, solid shampoo bars etc. that contain no water and no unnecessary packaging. These products save water and bottles, plastic, bags etc. from becoming rubbish. The products that absolutely need packaging such as the common liquid shower gel are packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic.
As a result of this unique "naked packaging" idea, the LUSH store itself holds a mixture of the smells from each of the unpackaged products. All the scents combined gives off a sensational smell which is what attracted me to the store. If you've ever been to a Lush store you'll know what I'm talking about. If you haven't been to a LUSH store, you need to bless yourself by entering one, there's plenty of locations to choose from.
Tashika Bailey | Luxurious Lush Bubble BarsBubble Bar "Pop In The Bath"

These two bubble bars were something I picked up as a part of my mom's Mother's Day gift. This round blue rock topped with a pink flower-shaped layer was the first thing to catch my eye. The colours are so vibrant, pretty and striking which compelled me to pick it up and smell it and I'm glad I did because I wasn't disappointed. This pretty bubble bar effuses a mixture of bergamot, lemon, orange flower absolute and refreshing mandarin oils which each transported my senses to a sweet but fresh citrus grove and had me reminiscing about my holiday to Jamaica two years ago. If only you could smell this bubble bar through the screen. Imagine the unusual pretty vibrant blue colour of the water and the fact that at the end of your bath you will smell like a mixture of sweet but fresh citrus grove.
Tashika Bailey | Luxurious Lush Bubble Bars

The huge size, vivid triple-orange colour and rare pattern of this bubble bar made it one that couldn't miss my sight, my attention was captivated. I think I must be quite fond of the smell of citrus as I subconsciously managed to pick out two bubble bars that almost effuse the exact same scent without me even realising. This bubble bar is true to its colour as it is, of course, orange scented. It is made up of a fusion of Sicilian mandarin, bergamot, tangerine and Gardenia extract. Its bright orange colour helps to jazz up the bath water by transforming it to a spectacular bright orange colour, that is sure to leave you feeling bubbly, rejuvenated and smelling like a walking citrus fruit while you look on the "bright side" of life.

My mum loves both of these bubble bars so much that she decided to use them as scented room decoration until she's read to use them as a bubble bar. If I don't use them first that is.

Oh yeah! Did I mention that these bubble bars are not tested on animals, neither is any of the ingredients, also they are suitable for vegans as well as vegetarians?

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