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Saturday, 16 January 2016


Tashika Bailey | New In To My Victoria's Secret Collection
Hello again my lovely little readers, Happy New Year to you all, I hope you're all having a lovely year. Unfortunately, this post was delayed over the summer last year and I am finally managing to write it and post it today.
During the summer, I went shopping in Westfield which is a shopping center in Stratford. I couldn't walk past Victoria's Secret without popping in to pick up some goodies, that I know probably don't need, but they're just sooo irresistible how could I not. In my previous post Empty Favoriteswhich I posted a while back in 2015, I introduced you to my little Victoria's Secret collection which consisted of empty VS products. It was only right to add a couple new products to my Victoria Secret collection. Don't you think?

Tashika Bailey | New In To My Victoria's Secret Collection
Left to right: "Pure Seduction" Body Lotion and "Pure Seduction" Body Mist

This is one of my all time favourite Victoria Secret fragrances, which I will forever repurchase. I am a sucker for sweet floral scents and this one is truly perfect. It is made up of a mixture of red plum and freesia and it has a nice balance of sweetness which is not too overpowering. I love the fragrance so much I  just had to purchase the matching body lotion too. The lotion is so rich, creamy and moisturizing. To make the scent last for as long as possible, I use the lotion then spray the fragrance all over my body.
Tashika Bailey | New In To My Victoria's Secret Collection
Left to right: "Total Attraction" Body Mist and "Endless Love" Body Mist

The fragrances "Total Attraction" and "Endless Love" are also floral scents that I love. Total Attraction is a flirty and romantic scent that has a mixture of cherry orchid and lily blossoms.
Endless Love contains a blend of apple blossom and ylang ylang. Now I don't know what ylang is but I know that when it's mixed with apple blossom, it smells so good. My mum actually loves "Endless Love" so much that I decided to give it to her as a little gift.
Tashika Bailey | New In To My Victoria's Secret CollectionLeft to right: "Love Spell" Body Mist and "Love Spell Shimmer" Body Lotion

Love Spell, Love Spell, Love Spell! What can I say? Love spell is a fresh scent made up of cherry blossom and peach. This is my second time purchasing this fragrance but this time, it's different. The first time I bought this fragrance it was "Love Spell Shimmer," I know it doesn't sound like it's different but it is, although Love Spell Shimmer is the exact same fragrance there is one little variation. It contains glitter. Real glitter. Whenever I used this fragrance I loved the way it left my skin shimmering and people would always get so fascinated by the shimmery glitter, especially because they didn't know it was a fragrance. The first time I purchased the shimmer, I loved it so much I bought the lotion along with it and as you can see I have been so stingy and careful when using it, I just want to cherish this scent because I don't want it to finish. I remember when I ran out of the Shimmer fragrance and I ended up looking all over Victoria's Secret to find it but it was nowhere to be found, I was so upset but I bought the normal Love Spell fragrance which is equally pleasing.

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