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Sunday, 24 January 2016


Tashika Bailey | Matte Blue Coffin NailsHello good looking! If you've been reading OfficialTashika for a while now then you'll definitely know that Tashika Bailey absolutely LOVES trying out new nail shapes, designs and trends.

Tashika Bailey | Matte Blue Coffin NailsRecently my InstagramPinterest and Twitter suddenly became overloaded with an excessive amount of beautifully shaped nails, which I became extremely fascinated by. I did my research and quickly discovered the "coffin nail shape trend", now this trend is nowhere as creepy as it sounds. Contrary it looks rather elegant and flattering. The coffin nail is stiletto shaped with a square cut off at the end rather than a point.

From the day I first saw this nail shape I knew it had to get it. So I did. Along with the coffin shape trend, I decided to combine another elegant nail trend that I absolutely love. The matte finish. Which combined with the coffin shape and deep sky blue colour, made my nails look even more enticing. And let me tell you before I even finished drying my nails in the salon they attracted the attention of other customers. The customers were captivated to the point where they had to ask me questions. Which colour did you use? What's the name of that shape? Are your nails matte? And simply let me know how stunning, glamorous and enchanting they found my nails. It was a very flattering scene and the fact that they had the power to captivate others. That's how you know your nails are on fleek. I walked out of that salon smiling from ear to ear.

I'd love to know what do you think of my nails, do you like the colour and coffin shape? Have you ever had the coffin nail shape or matte nails before?

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