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Thursday, 31 December 2015


Tashika Bailey | My Current Favourite Berry Lipsticks
I love berry lipsticks. I wear them all year round, mostly because they suit my complexion and my lips better than any other colour. My lips aren't big, but they're very shapely and "plumped" as they say. If you love berry lipsticks as much as I do and have a similar complexion to me which is dark brown or you have a darker complexion these berry shades will definitely suit you. Continue reading to see all the different shades and find out what I think about each of them.

Tashika Bailey | My Current Favourite Berry Lipsticks
Tashika Bailey | My Current Favourite Berry Lipsticks

This is the newest lipstick to my collect, which I have only managed to wear a couple times. It is not really a berry shade but I decided to include it anyways, what the hay!
This lipstick gives a satin finish, it is true to and rich in colour, comfortable to wear and makes my lips feel smooth and soft. The description states, "pigments reactivate when lips are pursed together for colour that keeps on going." When I wore this lipstick the colour definitely lasted, remained bold and bright and it didn't fade after a couple hours.
I love this bright red lipstick but... Because my lips are so plumed, when I wear it on its own my lips end up looking extra large. To wear this bright red lipstick and have it looking so what normal, I have to create a light ombre effect with a slightly darker lipliner or lipstick. To create the light ombre effect, I usually use the Collection Gothic Glam lipstick in Seduction 1, which is also featured in this post.
Tashika Bailey | My Current Favourite Berry Lipsticks
Avon Ultra Colour Matte Lipstick - Matte Grape

This is the first matte lipstick that I've ever brought and to be honest, I was expecting it to be a lot darker. However, I still like the shade. I know that most matte lipstick tend to be dry on the lips and sometimes end up cracking over time but with this lipstick that isn't the case. I love the fact that this lipstick is true to colour and not dry at all, it has a moisturizing matte velvet finish which is comfortable on the lips.
Tashika Bailey | My Current Favourite Berry Lipsticks

First of all, let me just take the time to acknowledge  and appreciate the cute and unique design of this lipstick. Not only is this lipstick designed in a cute and unique way but it is also creamy, silky smooth and loaded with hydrating gels and SPF 15. It  is easy to apply and gives my lips a brust of vibrant shimmering colour. This is one of my go to lipsticks that I wear 99% of the time.
Tashika Bailey | My Current Favourite Berry Lipsticks

I've always wanted a dark purple lipstick to add to my collection. I purchased this one a few days before my 18th birthday as I wanted to wear it on birthday. Out of all these lipsticks, this one is my absolute favourite. I just love the way it looks on my lips and it really suits my complexion. A huge thank you to Collection for this lipstick. Whoooop!!!!
This lipstick is very pigmented and doesn't dry out, crack or peal after a few hours. It is true to colour, comfortable on my lips and as it states in the title, "lasting colour," it truly does last hours without needing to top it up.

As seen in my pervious blog posts, click to view
Tashika Bailey | My Current Favourite Berry Lipsticks
Collection Gothic Glam Lipstick - Seduction 1

Out of all these lipstick, this one is the oldest in my collection. This is the lipstick I used to wear 24/7 because it was the only one I had. Although this lipstick is a vibrant red, it doesn't make my lips look extra large and I can wear it on its own and it still looks on my complexion. This lipstick unlike all the others will suit all skin complexions, it is not to bright or dramatic and can be worn everyday. Which is why I love this lipstick so much.

I've tried to include as much shopping links as possible to help you shop without the hassle, but unfortunately some of these lipsticks were sold out, unavailable or I couldn't find the link.

Do you love berry lipsticks, which one is your favourite? If you haven't tried it before why not try something new, you can't go wrong with berry lipstick. Don't forget to follow me on my social media, links are all below.

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