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Sunday, 11 October 2015


I've been wanting to publish this post ages ago but work and college has occupied my time. I'm going to have to figure out a way to balance work, college and my blog so I can keep my content consistent.
Anyways, let get started with this post. If you've been keeping up with my blog you will know that I've been growing my nails and painting them myself.

I recently tried shellac nails for the first time, purely because I wanted to make my nails look pretty without painting them myself or breaking and damaging them with acrylic. This is why I decided to get Shellac nails.
Shellac is known to be a more nail-friendly manicure, as it doesn't require sculpting or filling. Many people don't know what shellac is but it is literally just a couple of thin coats of polish applied to your natural nail. It is dried or "cured" as they call it, under a UV lamp between every coat of polish. After the top coat was applied, I got a quick shine with a soft cloth and alcohol and I was ready to go.

As Shellac is not normal nail polish it is removed by soaking them in pure acetone. I've never had my nails removed in a salon before, because up until now I've always had acrylic. For some strange reason, I believed the nail polish remover that I bought from Poundland would be able to remove the shellac as it removed my normal nail polishes. I tried using nail polish remover and to my surprise it didn't remove it at all. Getting frustrated as I do, I decided to peal them off as some were lifting off anyways. Worst mistake ever!!! Once I begun pealing them off everything was alright, till I noticed my nail pealing off with the Shellac!!! I was horrified, my beautiful nails that I've been growing for ages, broken and damaged. The exact same thing I didn't want to happen.
From this experience I can tell you now, don't ever peal off your Shellac nails, make sure you go to a salon to remove them or soak them in pure acetone. I learnt a valuable lesson that day and I will never peal off my Shellac nails again. I'll definitely go to a salon next time or get me a bottle of pure acetone.

What do you think about shellac nails, have you had them done before?

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