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Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Tashika Bailey | Luxemme Eyelet Lace Up Two Piece
I was recently contacted by a lovely upcoming brand for a collaboration, and of course I was delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with my first brand. This brand is Luxemme. Now, before this opportunity I was unaware of Luxemme but I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and I'm glad that I now know about this brand. There's nothing I love more than discovering new retailers. I know you probably haven't heard of Luxemme before so let me tell you a bit about the company.
Luxemme is a forward thinking online woman's fashion retailer and brand based in Manchester. They keep an eye on the latest trends, gain inspiration and use it to create their own chic, sophisticated and eye catching brand of affordable luxury. They combine Parisian chic with Manchester street style to create a cool, clean cut and completely trendy brand. Luxemme is a brand that aims to be a pioneer in the fashion industry, delivering premium clothing with a realistic price tag.

Tashika Bailey | Luxemme Eyelet Lace Up Two PieceTashika Bailey | Luxemme Eyelet Lace Up Two PieceTashika Bailey | Luxemme Eyelet Lace Up Two Piece
Luxemme is a brand that loves to work with bloggers. As a blogger working with Luxemme, I had the opportunity to browse through their Limited Edition Range and select my favorite outfit. It took me hours to finally decide, at one point I tried selecting two outfits but I found out I had a limit of one. I ended up asking my mum to help me make my decision, because Luxemme have so many gorgeous outfits I just couldn't choose one. In the end I decided to choose the Delphine Eyelet Lace Up Two Piece, at only £35 it's very affordable and believe me I was not disappointed with the durability and quality. If you love stunning two pieces, dresses, jumpsuits and more with the finest quality, then you should definitely check out Luxemme's Limited Edition Range.

Use code "OfficialTashika" at the checkout to receive 10% off any order at Luxemme.

First of all let me just say, I was extremely surprised with the fast first class delivery of this order. The same night I ordered this outfit, I got an email confirming that it had been sent to my address. At first I was doubting it but when I received it two days later I was extremely surprised and happy.
As Luxemme is an upcoming brand, I didn't expect the quality of the material to be the finest, but I am very impressed with the material of this outfit. The fabric it self is soft and comfortable.
It truly fits to size and it gives a figure flattering look, I'm wearing a size 6 and it doesn't look big on me like other brands do sometimes.
Tashika Bailey | Luxemme Eyelet Lace Up Two PieceTashika Bailey | Luxemme Eyelet Lace Up Two PieceTashika Baiey | Luxemme Eyelet Lace Up Two Piece
Tashika Bailey | Luxemme Eyelet Lace Up Two PieceTashika Bailey | Luxemme Eyelet Lace Up Two PieceTashika Bailey | Luxemme Eyelet Lace Up Two Piece
This outfit looks absolutely heavenly. Look at it. It's literally glowing. It definitely turned some heads when I wore it and I think I know why. What I really love about this outfit is how versatile it is. You can dress it up elegantly, as I have done, to wear to a night out with the girls or a special occasion.  You can also dress it down with a pair of comfortable trainers to wear casually in the evening, or simply wear the pieces separately with jeans or another top.
I love the scalloped edges on both the crop top and shorts, this simple pattern gives the outfit a more fascinating look as apposed to the normal design of crop tops and shorts. 
I adore the circle metal patterns down the side of the top, which continues along the neckline adds a feminine touch to the top and just makes it look more interesting. My absolutely favorite detail on this crop top is of course, the eyelet lace up pattern down the sides, it adds so much character to the top which I love. There is only one thing that I don't like about the lace up pattern, and that is the material that the lace is made of. The material is stiff. When I tie a bow it tends to stick out rather than lay down. Also because the top is so snug fitting, I have to keep undoing and redoing the lace up pattern whenever I put it on and take it off. This gets really annoying, especially because the color is white and I have to try my best not to discolor it by getting my make up all over it, when taking it off and putting it on.

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