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Sunday, 30 August 2015


Let me just start by saying The Body Shop Body Butters are MIRACLE PRODUCTS!!! Before I even tried them, I was content with the fact that I thought it was exactly the same as body lotion. So why would I need it when I have body lotion. No one really think much of these products, I know I didn't. I thought, it was just another cream that you rub on your body... But Boy was I wrong.

A couple weeks ago I ran out of my usual body lotion. It was then I spotted these two body butters in my moms room and decided to try them out. Immediately I fell in love with the soft creaminess of the texture. The biggest difference that I've noticed between normal body lotions and body butters is that unlike body lotion, body butter doesn't just fade after a few seconds but it absorbs into the skin, moisturizes, softens, smooths and hydrates the skin. What I absolutely love about this body butter is the sweet and nutty scent, it smells good enough to eat. Also it contains skin-nourishing Community Fair Trade Brazil nut oil, which makes it perfect for dry skin and it is especially moisturizing as Autumn and Winter approaches.

I was unable to find it in the UK body shop store online but I did manage to find it in the US store which can be found here. Alternatively, will probably be able to find it on eBay or Amazon.
The Cocoa Butter has a quite similar sweet scent and can be found in the UK Body Shop here.
Along with the Brazil Nut Body Butter, I also tried the Japanese Cherry Blossom. I personally prefer the Brazil Nut Body Butter compared to this one as it has a sweet and nutty smell that smells completely truly delicious.

Although I do prefer the Brazil Nut Body Butter it seems like the Japanese Cherry Blossom does more for your skin.It contains extract which is traditionally renowned for its soothing properties, Community Trade organic soy oil which is rich in essential fatty acids that repair the skin's natural barrier restoring smoothness and suppleness, Community Trade organic olive oil which works to effectively smooths and soften then skin. It is rich and moisturizing and leaves your skin feelings silky-soft and scented with a blend of magnolia, blooming cherry blossom and hinoki wood accords. To top it off it last 24 hours and features a delicate floral fragrance.

This Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter can be found here in The Body Shop UK and here in The Body Shop USA.

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