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Saturday, 8 August 2015


Tashika Bailey | Be Discovered With The Feels App
Heya! How are you, have you heard about that new app called Feels? Probably not, but I didn't come across it till about a month ago so don't worry, I'm here to tell you all about it. Grab a cup of tea real quick, make yourself comfortable and ...

Feels is an app that is all about... You guess it, being discovered. It can be found in the app store and can be downloaded for free. It was created for people just like you and I, people that have an interest in fashion, modelling, blogging, vlogging, youtubing and music. The app enables their users to upload photographs of their daily outfit of the day, youtube videos and enter model castings. Oh yeah! Did I mention that Feels is in partnership with Storm Model Management and Metropolis, it's the perfect way to be discovered.
Tashika Bailey | Be Discovered With The Feels AppTashika Bailey | Be Discovered With The Feels App
I joined this app not too long ago as I'm a fashionista myself and I am interested in bascially anything fashion related. I enjoy posting my outfits to my feels profile and letting others know which brands am wearing, this app also helps to promote my blog and personal style across a wider audience. I love the way the profiles are laid out with the most recent photo as the cover photo. It makes it look simple but neat and clear, it looks as if it's a professional online model portfolio. What I really loooovve about this app is that it is different to other social media apps, it is mostly used for business purposes and networking, rather than socializing which helps to get you noticed. 

The homepage of the app shows the most recent photo of your followers, you can then swipe left to view the rest of their photos and videos and let them know if you like the look or video by clicking the heart icon, that lets them know that you're "feeling" their look or video. I also enjoy looking at what others are wearing, finding out where they bought each item and discovering new brands that I haven't heard of. I've also found many bloggers and YouTubers that I wouldn't have found without this app and to be honest, I wouldn't mind being a model so I like to enter a few castings here and there. Once you choose a picture to upload, the next step is to tag the brands you are wearing and post it. That simple. No caption is needed. Check out the images of my profile above.

You can follow me on feels: http://feels.com/OfficialTashika or simply search my username "OfficialTashika" on the app.
At the moment, DROP DEAD are looking for males and females to feature in their new social media campaign. Anyone can enter this casting, even YOU. So what are you waiting for? It's simple. Enter by submitting a photograph showing your personal style. I've already entered. Whoop!! Wish me luck.

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