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Friday, 29 May 2015


Tashika Bailey | Job Interview Outfits Collage
Most people feel pretty stressed out when it comes to this time of year and I'm no different. I have been learning how to balance my social life, relationship, blog and academic studies while exams are fast approaching and trust me it has been extremely stressful. 
On top of all this, I've also been seeking a part time job as summer is approaching and I could do with some work experience as well as some extra cash in my pockets. As a result of this job search, I've been on a few job interviews and trails. I've decided to share with you some of the smart outfits that I've previously worn to these interviews and trials.
Due to the fact that these are job trial/interview outfits the color scheme is black and white as they're the most basic and formal colors.

Tashika Bailey | Job Interview Outfits
Shirt | Primark £5 // Trousers | New Look £17.99 // Flats | Primark Similar Here
The shirt was bought in the men sections from Primark. At the time, I really needed a long sleeve white shirt for a job trial but I was unable to find one in the female section, so I got the smallest size 14inch slim fit.Tashika Bailey | Job Interview Outfits
Shirt | Primark £4 // Trousers | New Look // Shoes | Shoes - Shoe Zone £14.99
I decided to wear this black shirt with a black vest underneath, as it can't button all the way up and it shows off a lot of the chest area. I found that the vest blends perfectly and gives the outfit a more formal look.Tashika Bailey | Job Interview OutfitsTashika Bailey | Job Interview Outfits
Dress | Forever 21 Similar Here // Cardigan | Primark Similar Here // Bag | New Look // Flats | Primark Similar Here

I styled this dress with and without a cardigan and it looks good in both styles, but deciding whether to wear the cardigan depends on how formal the company is along with their dress code.Tashika Bailey | Job Interview OutfitsDress | Boohoo £8 // Blazer | New Look Similar Here // Boots | Select £19.99Tashika Bailey | Job Interview Outfits
Blouse | Primark £9 // Skirt | New Look £3.99 // Flats | Primark Similar Here
Tashika Bailey | Job Interview Outfits
Blouse | New Look
Tashika Bailey | Job Interview Outfits
Blouse | New Look

There are endless amount of combinations to style a tube skirt for a job interview. Here, I've decided to style a black tube skirt with a range of three different colored long sleeve blouse. 
Comparing all there, in my opinion I would say the black blouse looks the most professional and formal, then the black and white blouse. The white blouse is a different design to the other two and the material is a little thin and see through allowing the body to be seen, I decided to wear a white vest underneath to keep the outfit looking smart.

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