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Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Tashika Bailey | Mini Avon Beauty Haul
Tashika Bailey | Mini Avon Beauty Haul
I've been purchasing Avon products for a few years now and I'm still in love with their products. They have a unique range of products at affordable prices, from beauty cosmetics to home and fitness equipment that can't be found on the high street or any online retailer.
Additionally, I recently purchased several Avon products to add to my cosmetic collection so I decided to share with you the items products I've brought.

Tashika Bailey | Irresistibly Lip Pencil | Red Vixen
Irresistibly Lip Pencil | Red Vixen
I love wearing lipstick but I only have a few bright shades of red. I've always seen people wearing a nice dark purple/berry color and I've always adored it, but never purchased that shade myself. This is my first ever lip pencil which I decided to purchase to experiment with, as I believe it'll suit me and compliment my features.
Tashika Bailey | Glow Liquid Eyeliner | Teal
Glow Liquid Eyeliner | Teal
The color of this liquid eyeliner caught my attention. It is in one of my favorite shades of blue, teal which is unusual contrary to black. I have a collection of  turquoise mascaras and from the moment I saw this liquid eyeliner I could see myself rockin' it along with my turquoise mascaras. This eyeliner is striking and will have everyone fascinated with my eye makeup.
Tashika Bailey | Magic Effect Liquid Eyeliner | Black
Magic Effect Liquid Eyeliner | Black
I'm not the best when it comes to eye makeup and even if I was I wouldn't know because it's not something I even attempt. Mentioning this I decided to purchase my first ever liquid eyeliner pen to attempt and practice using it. I purchased this one as it has a nice slanted shaped tip, which I think will give some lovely bold and dramatic styles.

-My mother is an Independent Avon Sales Representative, if you're interested in any Avon products you can view the brochure online here.

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