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Saturday, 4 April 2015


Tashika Bailey | Boohoo SS15 Wishlist

While browsing on one of my favorite online fashion retailers boohoo.com, I found myself drooling over a bunch of items I would like to wear during the spring season. I've selected a few to share with you and I'll give reasons to why I want to purchase these items and how I would style them. As you can see, the majority of the items I've chosen are black as for me, when it comes to fashion the color black is sophisticated, classy and can be worn with any other colors.

1. Petite sumaiya strappy scruba jumpsuit

I've been lusting over this figure-hugging petite jumpsuit for a while now and I'm still undeceive about which color I should get, I love the hot pink but I'd have to be careful what I wear it with as the colors may clash. On-the-other-hand the black can be styled with any other colors so I wouldn't have a problem with it.

What color would you choose and why?

2. Belle gold body chain harness
This body chain harness is gorgeous, affordable and can be worn over a simple casual outfit e.g. jeans and a top, a more sexy outfit e.g. a bodycon dress (as shown in the image) or a bikini.

3. Becca collar checked bodycon dress
These figure hugging checked bodycon dresses have become one of my current favorite trends. I love the simple design of the dress and the checked pattern gives it a striking appeal.

4. Becca metallic cuff skinny barely there heels
I've always wanted these types of heels from I saw Rihanna forever rocking them. I would wear them with jeans/skirt as a part of a casual everyday outfit as well as with a nice dress as a part of a formal outfit.

5. Holly suedette block heel boot
I am a huge ankle boots lover and these suede block heel boots have forever been on my wishlist. These boots will definitely add a couple inches to my height and look classy doing so, whether they're worn with a dress, skirt, shorts or jeans.

6. Fifi faux fur barely there heel
These are similar heels to the heels above "metallic cuff barely there heels", I love the touch of soft white fur added to these heels, it definitely gives them an appealing look.

7. Catherine stripe top knee high socks
These socks are affordable at only £4 and can make a huge impact on the outfit it is worn with. These socks can be worn to make a statement or just casually. To make a statement, I would wear these socks with a short black pencil skirt and the suede block heel boots from above.

8. Petite maisy sheer striped banded crop set
This petite sheer striped crop set is a cute little outfit that I would wear to a party, it has a simple design but the sheer stripe gives it a stylish look.

The images displayed in this post are not owned by I, Tashika Bailey but are from the official Boohoo website.

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